Henriette and Mikkel

You know the saying, “two’s company, three’s a crowd”? This was most definitely NOT the case with Mikkel, Henriette and I.

These are two of my favourite people.

We spent countless nights down in the party hall watching movies or Game of Thrones on the big screen, stuffing our faces with popcorn or a cake that one of them had made. We went to the cinema together, out for dinner together, and a couple of times a week we’d venture out as a ‘family’ to do grocery shopping. All little things, yes, but their combined friendship is undoubtedly the biggest part missing from my life back in England.

Henriette had only moved into our accommodation a couple of months before me, so when I first arrived I figured this would make her one of the easiest people to talk to (or at the very least, it would give us something in common). This assumption was correct, but what I didn’t realise back then is that this girl would become such a big part of my study abroad experience. She became a friend who I’d miss and love long after my exchange ended, and someone who I’m counting down the days until we’re reunited. For someone who was once a complete stranger to become such an appreciated and respected friend is a process that’ll never cease to amaze me – within a matter of weeks it was as though we’d known each other our whole lives.

It makes me so happy to know that these two wonderful people will continue to have each other’s company. Even though I’m no longer there to enjoy it with them, I’m glad they have each other to continue making amazing memories.

In this photo: My boyfriend, Mikkel, and the best friend an exchange student in Denmark could wish for – Henriette. Thank you for being so welcoming, for teaching me so many Danish words, for dancing like a lunatic around the kitchen with me, and for keeping Mikkel company now that I’m gone. Jeg elsker, dig min venne, og tak for altid.


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