The Ducklings

During my time in Denmark, I experienced so many new and exciting things – things so big I had only dreamed of them before. But despite this, a recollection of one of nature’s little wonders will always stand out as one of the best parts of my trip:

The Ducklings

I was on a little siesta in Milan when I received the news we’d all been waiting for – eleven little ducklings had hatched and were now following their mother religiously around our courtyard. Of course, my travelling companion (Ellie, a fellow exchange student living in my halls) and myself were beyond ourselves at the prospect of nurturing little ducklings every day, and we were more than happy to receive updates on their progress until we returned back to Aarhus. We even spoke of a plan to ‘adopt’ one and protect it from Mother Nature’s considerably harsh natural-duckling-selection process – a plan we did not, ultimately, follow through.

The ducklings were adorably tiny, and soon learned to run up to us whenever we entered the courtyard (this feign of affection would make even the coldest of people return inside to find oats or bread to give to them, believe me). I’ll always remember the time my boyfriend and I had lunch outside, only to be ambushed by a swarm of hungry ducklings (and I don’t use the word ‘ambush’ lightly here – they ran out of the bushes in unison and surrounded us at our feet).

Much to our delight (and quite honestly, our sheer amazement) all eleven ducklings survived into adolescence! Even now, nearly a month after my departure, I still get sent photos and videos of them being spoilt with food. It was their sweet sounds and natural curiosity that won me over, and has convinced me that when I’m older and have my own house with a garden, I will have ducklings of my own.

In this photo: My lovely, hilarious Dutch friend Inez. Thank you for all the laughter, sparkletini, and enchiladas. Next time you find yourself in the UK, give me a call and we can attempt to cook together again (only perhaps this time with fewer exploding dishes).


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